Arthur Zerktouni

★Arthur Zerktouni

Sound is the medium I use most frequently in my Art work but I also use Painting, Video, Sculpture all included in the same way of questioning. My work on sound is about time and it perception, I use a lot of repetition and principle of phase to create a different musical time called "instant of eternity" : the present is mixed with the past and the future (I think we live in a futuristic world already in it own past). About this work on time perception my inspiration comes from Steve Reich and all repetitive minimalist music movement. I also ask myself about the physical perception of music using infra-bass : It means that the listener can "touch" the sound because he feels the vibrations. That's why I say Sound is my favorite medium because is linked to space and time, Sound is also a way to figurate mental pictures because it talks about primitive fears of humanity (I base this reflection on Nietzsche's thoughts on music as art of the night).
Mental projection, Tension and Conceptual Art are also present in my sculpture Art work playing a game between full and empty, between contents and container,between the seen and the hiden and, of course, between Art and it definition.

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